Performance sleep
is the new black


One of the body’s ways to ensure a constant temperature is heat radiation from the skin’s surface. The body sends heat to the skin, which is then emitted as radiant heat. As you sleep, your body changes temperature and the body has a shifting need to get rid of the heat. A constant temperature ensures a more even and calm night’s sleep.

Temprakon has small microcapsules in our duvets and filling. They respond to the temperature. If it is hot – they absorb heat. If it is cool they release heat. This ensures a more even temperature and better sleep.

Temprakon has extra cooling effect in the warmest zone around the body. This ensures that the duvet can control the temperature more quickly.

The Temprakon duvet combines the best of nature and the latest technology. The Temprakon microcapsule technology is placed on a Lyocell viscose material which is made from natural wood fibers. The down filling is the highest quality white goose down which offers exceptional softness and comfortable heat adaptation. All down is certified to the highest animal ethical standards. The quilt is made of 100% cotton in an extra soft cotton batiste quality.


The body also regulates the temperature through evaporation from the skin. The body sends the heat to the skin’s surface, and here it is released as moisture. The body often releases more than 1/2 litre of fluid over night. It is therefore important that duvets and pillows can absorb moisture, and lead it away from the body.

Temprakon technology microcapsules absorb excess moisture from the body. This provides an optimum dry and fresh sleeping environment that creates the best conditions for a good night’s sleep.

Temprakon has extra breeze zones with extra open ventilation holes in the sides. This ensures that excess heat, humidity and moisture are more easily led away from the body.

Moisture is the optimal climate for bacteria and dust mites. All Temprakon down is treated with natural oils, such as Margosa.

FRESH-treatment is an extremely effective antimicrobial technology which eliminates dust mites.