Rest for the entire body

TEMPRAKON Comfort is a duvet that combines lightness and luxurious, soft down with climate regulating properties. You won’t notice the difference between a normal, good quality down duvet and a TEMPRAKON Comfort – until you go to sleep!

If you sometimes experience getting either too hot or too cold under your duvet – that sometimes you need to wear an extra top, and other times wearing clothes gets you too hot - then TEMPRAKON Comfort could be the right choice for you.

Fluctuations in body temperature during the night are completely natural. But for a good night’s sleep it is best to avoid large oscillations, which can result in unrestful and interrupted sleep. TEMPRAKON Comfort contains active temperature and moisture regulating technology that creates an optimal temperature zone and leads moisture away from the body.

The secret behind TEMPRAKON Comfort is our patented TEMPRAKON DOWN FILLING, in which  temperature and moisture regulating technology is bound to tiny fibres mixed in with the natural down filling.

TEMPRAKON Comfort is available in two models