Immediate cooling effect


TEMPRAKON Advance is a duvet that uses a combination of supreme natural materials and certified space technology to ensure optimal conditions for a good night’s sleep

TEMPRAKON Advance has temperature regulating technology incorporated into its casing - actually in the fabric on the outside of the duvet. When you turn this side towards your body, you will feel its cooling effect right away. And even though the duvet is covered in bed linen, so you can’t see which side is which, you’ll never be in doubt when you’ve got the cooling side down.

Helps you get rid of excessive heat!

Many people struggle with night sweats or unrestful sleep because they feel alternately too hot or too cold. These fluctuations in temperature are often due to the fact that you regulate your body temperature by sleeping with or without your duvet.

With TEMPRAKON Advance you get a duvet that actively helps you get rid of excessive heat, so that you don’t have to pull the duvet off while sleeping… only to wake up again because you’re cold.

About the TEMPRAKON technology

A dry and fresh sleeping environment

In addition to regulating your temperature, TEMPRAKON Advance also has moisture-regulating properties, so that both heat and sweat are absorbed and transported away from the body. That is why you will not only notice that you’re sweating less, but also feel how any excessive moisture from your body disappears - even though you’re lying under your duvet.

TEMPRAKON advance is available in a range of models