The best sleep in the universe

Temprakon is a meeting between supreme natural materials and sophisticated technology. It’s for those of you who don’t want to compromise on the quality of your night’s sleep. In addition to a filling of top quality down, Temprakon duvets and pillows have extra properties that actively regulate body temperature and transport moisture away from your body while you sleep, ensuring a clean and fresh sleeping environment. Meeting a broad spectrum of individual needs, we have used the technology in two slightly different ways in our two lines, Advance and Comfort. Explore this site to see what Temprakon can do for your night’s sleep.

The Temprakon technology

Intelligent and active temperature regulation

TEMPRAKON Advance provides an immediate cooling effect, which you will notice the moment you lie down under your duvet. If you’re one of those who often get too hot under the duvet, then click here and see how TEMPRAKON Advance can help you.


Stay in your comfort zone all night

TEMPRAKON Comfort is a unique combination of light and soft natural materials and temperature regulating fibres that keep your body temperature in an even and comfortable zone through the night